HealthTech 250: Curimeta named one of The Most Promising Early-Stage Digital Health Ventures in 2022

Galen Growth’s HealthTech 250 highlights the 250 most promising early-stage digital health ventures across the globe for 2022. This selection is based on a unique assessment of ventures that show significant promise in the digital health sector. St. Louis-based CuriMeta has been recognized in this esteemed list, showcasing its commitment to curating real-world data sets to combat chronic and acute diseases. Partnering with Washington University School of Medicine and BJC HealthCare, CuriMeta aims to provide sophisticated data sets that can predict, prevent, and cure a wide range of diseases.

The company’s focus on managing real-world data collections offers the potential to make research more efficient and impactful. For instance, analyzing vast amounts of de-identified data from patients with neurodegenerative diseases could revolutionize the prediction of symptom progression timelines and enhance the design of clinical trials for early interventions. CuriMeta’s secure platform ensures that shared real-world data sets align with the research goals of WashU Medicine and BJC HealthCare, all while maintaining the utmost patient privacy. The collaboration between these entities will prioritize projects and collaborators that emphasize insights into areas such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and other neurological conditions, as well as rare diseases and childhood illnesses.

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