Research demands. CuriMeta delivers.

Dedicated to unlocking the full complexities of disease and accelerating the research necessary to bring lifesaving health interventions to patients, CuriMeta is committed to being a trusted strategic partner focused on propelling promising science forward.

Led by highly experienced industry veterans, CuriMeta curates, enhances, and transforms real-world, de-identified health data to provide researchers the indispensable insights they seek to solve urgent scientific and, clinical, and challenges and improve healthcare for all.

Committed to privacy-protecting health data solutions

At CuriMeta, we believe that comprehensive insights and evidence derived from our advanced real-world health data platform is a foundation of healthcare research and innovation. The depth and breadth of the structured and unstructured outcomes data we curate requires continuous invest in people and technology to ensure the highest research standards as well as privacy, security, and quality standards as we help researchers drive positive change in healthcare.

Real-world health data solutions

To support increasingly complex research requirements, CuriMeta aggregates health data from leading health system partners and improves it using computational methods to generate advanced health outcomes data. CuriMeta data enables comprehensive insights into the patient journey while decoding complex relationships between disease, treatments, and health outcomes.

Non-interventional research enablement

CuriMeta can support and accelerate clinical research and regulatory grade evidence generation through:
  • Retrospective and prospective non-interventional studies
  • Study feasibility, planning, and design
  • Regulatory grade synthetic controls

Synthetic health data

CuriMeta is committed to the highest levels of privacy and compliance. We provide dynamic access to a novel synthetic data technology, which are computationally generated health data that statistically replicate protected health data, but have no direct or traceable relationship to individual patient records.

In partnership with MDClone, life science researchers can easily explore synthetic health data and quickly access cohorts of interest.

“On premises” health data sharing

CuriMeta will deploy and utilize a cutting edge, privacy-protecting technology that will allow our data contributors to maintain their data “on premises” while enabling secure computation and analysis performed on health data by approved external researchers.

Not all real-world health data and clinical research services entities are alike

Determined to meaningfully impact healthcare for generations to come, the CuriMeta platform creates advanced real-world health data to support both the missions of our contributors and the heightened requirements needed to validate and solve increasingly complex clinical and scientific challenges.

By collaborating with leading data contributors, CuriMeta paves the insights-driven pathway required for researchers to develop new treatments and cures—with greater speed and precision.

Our collaborators: