Research demands. CuriMeta delivers.

CuriMeta is committed to being a trusted strategic partner. We are focused on propelling promising science forward, unlocking the full complexities of disease, and accelerating the research necessary to bring lifesaving health interventions to patients.

Led by highly experienced industry veterans, CuriMeta curates, enhances, and transforms real-world, de-identified health data, providing researchers with indispensable insights to solve urgent scientific and clinical challenges.

Accelerating research and advancing the science of medicine through anonymized, aggregated real-world health data.

Researchers rely on a tapestry of information, insights, and evidence to improve our understanding and develop the interventions that will impact lives tomorrow. Scientific and therapeutic progress is accelerated when researchers have better insights and more complete data to fuel their studies.

Advanced real-world data describes a set of potent and difficult-to-source data types (genetic variants, radiology, pathology) that have the potential to significantly expand the tapestry of information required to advance the science of medicine. This data provides more complete views of patient cohorts and enables researchers to answer previously unanswerable questions.

The advanced real-world data generated by health systems and academic medical centers via organized care delivery may not be readily accessible to researchers. That’s where CuriMeta comes in.

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Accelerating Research

With trust, integrity, and transparency at the heart of every interaction, CuriMeta enables researchers and collaborators to accelerate the pace of biopharmaceutical and life science research.

Health Systems and Academic Medical Centers

BioPharma and Medical Device

Clinical AI and Digital Health

Commercial and Academic Research Organizations

Clinical Research Organizations

Unparalleled Expertise

Fit-for-purpose, multimodal real world data

Non-interventional retrospective and prospective studies

Study planning, feasibility, and design

Novel clinical trial designs

External control arms

Training data sets to support AI development

Who We Work With

Empowering researchers to advance the science of medicine

By enabling and accelerating the exchange of real-world health data with the research community, our goal is to accelerate the aims of industry researchers to fulfill their missions of improving patient care and saving lives.

We understand the pressing scientific and clinical challenges facing life science researchers today, and we’re transforming, anonymizing, and aggregating real-world health data from leading health systems and academic medical centers to help address your challenges.

Health systems and academic medical centers

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The Leading Edge of Privacy Preserving Technology: Keeping the Patient at the Center of All We Do

Driven by our ethical and legal responsibility to protect patient privacy, we are committed to developing de-identified,  real-world health data per the standards set forth by our data collaborators and regulatory authorities.