A Pioneering Startup in Health Data Utilization

Highlighted as one of St. Louis Inno’s “Startups to Watch in 2023,” CuriMeta, headquartered in St. Louis and led by CEO Davis Walp, is revolutionizing the healthcare sector. The company specializes in aggregating and de-identifying patient data from health systems, creating invaluable datasets for life science researchers and manufacturers. This data-driven approach aims to expedite the introduction of innovative therapeutics and treatments. Having launched publicly in 2022, CuriMeta has already made significant strides, raising $6 million in seed funding, primarily backed by BJC HealthCare and Washington University School of Medicine. These institutions not only provide financial support but also contribute patient data, enhancing CuriMeta’s capabilities.

Looking ahead, CEO Walp reveals ambitious plans for CuriMeta. Engaging discussions with various health systems, the company anticipates forging new partnerships in 2023, granting access to an even broader spectrum of patient data. Additionally, CuriMeta is gearing up for a Series A funding round, targeting an estimated $8 to $12 million. With a vision of expanding its workforce, the startup foresees a robust team of over 30 members by the close of the year. Founded in 2020 by Davis Walp, Darren Brodeur, and Cathy Matthes, and with a current capital of $6 million, CuriMeta is poised to make significant waves in the healthcare data realm.

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