For Life Sciences

Empowering researchers to advance the science of medicine

By enabling and accelerating the exchange of real-world health data with the research community, our goal is to accelerate the research aims of industry researchers to fulfill their missions of improving patient care and saving lives.

We understand the pressing scientific and clinical challenges facing life science researchers today, and we’re transforming, anonymizing, and aggregating real-world health data from leading health systems and academic medical centers to help address your challenges.

For life science researchers

Accelerating research and advancing the science of medicine through anonymized, aggregated real-world health data.

Data is the fuel that enables researchers to improve our understanding and develop the interventions that will impact lives tomorrow. For every scientific question or intervention, there is a tapestry of information, insights, and evidence that researchers rely on to make forward progress. Scientific and therapeutic progress is accelerated when researchers have better insights and more complete data to fuel their studies.

Advanced real-world data describes a set of very powerful, yet difficult to source, data types (genetic variants, radiology, pathology) that have the potential to greatly expand the tapestry of information that researchers require to advance the science of medicine. This data provides more complete views of patient cohorts and enables researchers to answer questions that couldn’t be addressed previously. Health systems and academic medical centers generate advanced real-world data in the context of care delivery. This data is then organized and used to support patient treatment, for example, but may not be readily accessible to researchers. That’s where CuriMeta comes in.

Life science researchers

In the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, CuriMeta connects life science researchers with research grade, advanced real-world health data to support non-interventional studies, patient journey, and outcomes analytics.

Clinical research organizations (CROs)

As a critical collaborator in designing, managing, and executing clinical research, CuriMeta can support CROs with de-identified, aggregated health data for: 

  • Retrospective and prospective non-interventional studies
  • Study feasibility, planning, and design
  • Synthetic control arms

Professional services organizations

CuriMeta’s highly experienced team of data scientists, medical informaticists, and analysts can assist professional service organizations to define and compliantly request specific de-identified, aggregated health data for approved research analytics.

What we offer

Hover on each item below to learn how CuriMeta can help support your research objectives and real-world evidence requirements:

CuriMeta can help support your research objectives and real-world evidence requirements:

Access to Health Data

Ethically sourced

de-identified data.

Access to Advanced RWD

CuriMeta taps into the high research value stranded data assets typically locked behind provider firewalls including images, genomics, and highly nuanced clinical observations.

Research Mission Alignment

Advance research aims of academic partner. High visibility and control

into projects.

Economic Opportunity

CuriMeta taps into deep life sciences manufacturer

research budgets.

Synthetic Data

CuriMeta will leverage its exclusive channel relationship with MDClone to bring synthetic data to the life sciences manufacturer market.

Privacy-protecting, aggregated real-world health data

Non-interventional retrospective and prospective studies

Study planning, feasibility, and design
Synthetic control arms
Synthetic real-world health data