For Health Systems

Mission-driven to find new treatments and cures faster

A vital conduit connecting leading, mission-driven health systems and academic medical centers with life science researchers.

Driven by the belief that real-world health data maintained within systems of care have unique attributes not found elsewhere, CuriMeta augments, curates, and transforms data from our collaborating data contributors into secure, de-identified, aggregated datasets with high-explanatory power that can be compliantly exchanged with researchers to advance the science of medicine and develop lifesaving cures.

With a commitment to full transparency, integrity, and accountability, CuriMeta utilizes a joint governance committee to review all data exchange requests from researchers, and adheres to highly stringent data security, patient privacy, and compliance standards as set forth by our collaborating data contributors, as well as regulatory authorities.

To ensure patient privacy, health data is aggregated and de-identified beyond the legally required safeguards.

By enabling and accelerating the exchange of real-world health data with the research community, our penultimate goal is to provide researchers the indispensable insights and evidence required to solve urgent scientific and clinical challenges and improve healthcare for all.