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As the leading health-system-affiliated, advanced real-world health data company, CuriMeta is committed to being a trusted partner who invests in, and creates, advanced health data and research solutions intended to close pressing gaps in evidence and insights across a diverse set of diseases.

Our mission is to help drive the discovery and development of the future of medicine with greater speed and precision to save lives.

Our commitment is to patient privacy, data security, and compliance

Driven by our ethical and legal responsibility to protect patient privacy, we are committed to developing de-identified, aggregated real-world health data per the standards set forth by our data collaborators and regulatory authorities. To further ensure patient privacy, health data often will be de-identified beyond the legally required safeguards.

To exemplify our commitment, CuriMeta also will deploy and utilize cutting-edge, privacy-protecting technology that will allow data contributors to maintain their data “on premises,” while enabling secure computation and analysis of the de-identified, aggregated health data by approved external researchers.

In addition, and in partnership with MDClone, we will also offer life science researchers the ability to dynamically access and explore ‘synthetic health data’ and request cohorts of interest from CuriMeta.

Another privacy-protecting technology, synthetic data, are computationally generated health data that statistically replicate actual de-identified, aggregated health data, but have no direct relationship to individual patient records.

Life science researchers

In the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, CuriMeta connects life science researchers with de-identified, aggregated health data to support non-interventional studies and real-world evidence generation.

Clinical research organizations (CROs)

As a critical collaborator in designing, managing, and executing approved clinical research, CuriMeta can support CROs with de-identified, aggregated health data for:

  • Retrospective and prospective non-interventional studies
  • Study feasibility, planning, and design
  • Synthetic control arms

Professional services organizations

CuriMeta’s highly experienced team of data scientists, medical informaticists, and analysts can assist professional service organizations with defining and compliantly requesting specific de-identified, aggregated health data for research analytics.

Health systems and academic medical centers

Through an in-depth understanding of health data, as well as the complex scientific and clinical challenges facing researchers today, CuriMeta’s highly experienced team curates and transforms our collaborator’s aggregated data into de-identified datasets that can be used by researchers to advance the science of medicine and develop lifesaving cures.